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Automotive parts remanufacturing industry will usher in large-scale development
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Automotive parts remanufacturing industry will usher in large-scale development

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Along with our country for many years to become the world's car production and sales for the first big country, sharply rising car ownership, auto renewal speed, a large number of elimination of vehicles for the automotive remanufacturing industry provides rich resources, standards and policies issued, shows that China's auto parts remanufacturing has entered the stage of standardized development. Auto parts remanufacturing industry will usher in a period of large-scale promotion and development.
Good news release
In the middle of December 2014, the national standardization administration of China issued the remanufacturing blank quality inspection method and the remanufacturing quality management requirements for mechanical products. At the same time, the national development and reform commission, together with the ministry of industry and information technology and other four ministries and commissions, published the list of 10 enterprises with the qualification of remanufacturing product promotion pilot enterprises, remanufacturing product models and promotion prices. At the same time, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of finance and other ministries and commissions jointly carried out a nationwide remanufacturing product "old for new" activity. According to the requirements of the activity, the eligible remanufactured products such as automobile engines and gearboxes will be subsidized at 10% of the replacement price.
In late December, 2014, general office of the ministry of industry and information technology issued by the "about further do a good job of electromechanical products remanufacturing pilot demonstration notice, request the competent department of industry and information technology together with the relevant departments at all levels, strengthen the management of mechanical and electrical products remanufacturing industry, encourage the remanufacturing production enterprises and their products in the region focus public online, urge the relevant units strictly implements national related industry policies, laws and regulations and technical standards, etc. To guide enterprises to implement remanufacturing product labeling requirements; We will guide remanufacturing enterprises to establish an information management platform for remanufacturing products, so as to realize the "tracking" of remanufacturing products and the "tracing" of old parts.
The circular makes it clear that all regions are encouraged to support projects such as the upgrading and upgrading of remanufacturing technologies through capital channels such as energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to accelerate the industrialization of remanufacturing. Are included in the remanufacturing product orders to record companies and the support of the product, establish a remanufacturing product supply and demand docking platform, coordination promote organs, enterprises and institutions and organizations prior purchasing remanufacturing product, organization remanufacturing product promotion, popularize knowledge of mechanical and electrical products remanufacturing, spur and encourage consumers to use remanufacturing product. Regions where conditions permit should actively promote the policy of value-added tax reduction and exemption for remanufactured products enjoying comprehensive utilization of resources, and actively support the implementation of the policy of "old for new" product subsidies.
Xie jianjun, secretary-general of auto parts remanufacturing branch of China association of automobile manufacturers, said that a series of positive news shows that China's auto parts remanufacturing has entered the stage of standardization development, which will promote the rapid development of China's auto parts remanufacturing industry.
Huge market space
In recent years, China's automobile industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. It is estimated that the domestic civil automobile ownership will reach 200 million by 2016. According to the calculation of the proportion of automobile ownership and remanufacturing industry in developed countries, the remanufacturing industry of auto parts in China will usher in a good market development prospect.
It is understood that the remanufactured products account for up to 50% of the European and American automobile maintenance and parts markets. According to such market share, there will be a huge market space for remanufactured products in China's future automobile aftermarket.
Jian-jun xie, although the automotive remanufacturing industry in China started late, but development is rapid, engaged in remanufacturing enterprise from the beginning 1 rose to more than the current best, production rose from less than 050 million yuan in 2005 to the current 8 billion yuan, from personnel of course of study also risen from less than one thousand to the present more than 50000 people, industry scale and output growth significantly.
Compared with traditional scrap metal recycling and disposal methods, auto parts remanufacturing can recover about 70% of the added value of scrapped products. Compared with the original manufacturing, the remanufacturing can save 80% of energy consumption, more than 70% of materials, and reduce the manufacturing cost by 30-50%.
At present, China's parts remanufacturing scope is limited to the "five assembly" - internal combustion engine, gearbox, generator, starter, steering gear. The internal combustion engine has the greatest remanufacturing potential.
It is known that the internal combustion engine remanufacturing is one of the key areas of automotive parts remanufacturing. The remanufacturing of internal combustion engine can not only reduce wastes and bring considerable environmental benefits, but also save energy and materials, and bring significant economic and social benefits. The data show that most of the cylinder block, crankshaft and other important parts of the scrapped internal combustion engine have partial failure. Through forming, repairing and other remanufacturing processes, its size, accuracy and performance can be restored without changing the shape and material of the body.
Xing min, executive vice President and secretary general of China internal combustion engine industry association, said that internal combustion engine industry is an important basic industry in China, with a long industrial chain, high correlation, wide range of employment and large consumption. The practical remanufacturing of internal combustion engine can not only realize the resource utilization of a large number of failed products, but also help to cultivate new economic growth points, so as to accelerate the development of circular economy and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.
Cluster development
The industry believes that China's component remanufacturing industry will develop into a trend of agglomeration. The remanufacturing industry of auto parts is supported by certain industrial technologies. Cluster development is conducive to specialized recovery, disassembly, cleaning, remanufacturing and construction of public platforms, forming a complete industrial chain.
"The national development and reform commission, together with relevant ministries and commissions, is pushing forward the construction of demonstration bases for the remanufacturing industry. The state council, in its circular economy development strategy and recent action plan, has also proposed to focus on the construction of 5-10 demonstration bases for the remanufacturing of components," xie said.
It is understood that at the end of 1990s, China proposed to establish a remanufacturing system. In 1998, sinotruk jinan fuqiang power co., ltd. was founded, becoming the first internal combustion engine remanufacturing enterprise in China. In the following 10 years, China's auto parts remanufacturing industry gradually developed and gradually became large.
"China's parts remanufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements, but there are still many problems in remanufacturing as an emerging industry." Jian-jun xie said, such as the remanufacturing product are not widely recognized by consumers, source of old pieces of remanufacturing products and sales channel is not smooth, and manufacturing technology and management level is not high, product quality is good and bad are intermingled, scrap car recycling management and other related laws and regulations need to be revised, the need to improve the management system, technical standards is also imperfect.
How to accelerate the development of China's auto parts remanufacturing industry, xie jianjun believes that, first of all, we should establish a standard reverse logistics system as soon as possible. Due to the non-standard and unblocked recycling channels of old products, a large number of old products are treated as waste products directly, and it is difficult to ensure that enough old products are returned to the remanufacturing enterprises. As a result, the remanufacturing lines of enterprises are often in the state of "idle" or "semi-idle".
Next, want to aggrandizement remanufacturing industry chain consciousness. Under the general framework of "old for new", automobile parts remanufacturing enterprises must establish a good product tracking system, and make a thorough investigation of the use situation, life cycle and exit time of the products. Maintain product replacement relationship with customers through reverse logistics system.
Third, the auto parts remanufacturing enterprises should forge ahead together. As China's auto parts remanufacturing industry is in its infancy, it is necessary for auto parts remanufacturing enterprises to support each other and seek common development.
Industry insiders said that the relevant government departments should take a variety of measures to strengthen supervision, tighten the quality inspection of remanufactured auto parts, use policies to guide the consumption concept, and increase publicity, so that more consumers understand and use remanufactured auto parts.
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