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With the large-scale promotion of new energy vehicles bearing industry is facing the test of performance improvement
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With the large-scale promotion of new energy vehicles bearing industry is facing the test of performance improvement

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Recently, renben group takes the lead in developing new energy automobile series special bearings in China. This marks the bearing industry in our country blow the horn of independent force into this emerging market.
A booming market
In 2017, more than 1.22 million new energy passenger cars were sold globally, up 58 percent year-on-year. Among them, the sales volume of new energy passenger cars in China exceeded 578,000, accounting for 47.37%. With the country's in-depth promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, the popularity of new energy vehicles has become an irreversible market trend. Because of this, more and more multinational car companies have made corresponding development strategies in the Chinese market.
Ford motor Co. recently announced plans to move 70% of its electric-vehicle production to China by 2025. Tesla, which will build a factory in China, also has high hopes for the Chinese market. The company had argued that tesla's sales in China would account for the largest share of its global sales in a few years.
With the new energy vehicle sales surge, drive motor market demand rapidly rising. It is predicted that the global market size of drive motor will reach 4.4 billion usd in 2020.
Special bearings are needed for driving motors of new energy vehicles. Compared with the traditional vehicle, new energy vehicles require motor has the very high limit speed, at the same time adapt to 40 ℃ and above 150 ℃ high temperature requirements at low temperature and bearing maintenance function, to adapt to frequent start-stop of axial impact.
The new energy automobile special bearing market is developing vigorously, which challenges the bearing industry of our country. Yu zhi, a senior engineer and Chen guangzu, former secretary-general of the China automobile industry advisory committee, agreed that China's bearing industry should meet this challenge, actively develop and produce special bearings for new energy vehicles, and take the initiative in market competition.
02. High requirements for development and production
"The high-speed driving motor of new energy vehicles has strict requirements on bearing technology and quality, which is a harsh test for the development and production of products," tao faxun, chairman of Beijing taixin measurement and control technology co., told reporters. Yu zhizheng also said that the new energy automobile bearing development, production requirements are very high.
It is understood that the new energy vehicle special bearing quality performance index developed and produced by the group has reached the international advanced level, especially in the product high-speed performance design and test technology to achieve the original innovation, and has been recognized by users, obtain batch orders.
Humanistic group technology center general manager Guo Changjian introduces to the reporter, they optimize the bearing internal structure, using simulation, lubrication technology, solved the high speed bearing heating under high temperature and lubrication problem, the formation of new energy vehicles drive motor bearing design theory and method, ensure high precision, small centrifugal force with special bearing, low friction, etc, can satisfy the new energy automobile low starting torque, high speed and variable speed, durability and high reliability etc. Comprehensive performance requirements.
In addition, the technology center to develop new energy vehicles dedicated high temperature performance, high-speed bearing performance, durable performance start torque and grease performance test-bed, conquer test-bed loader, high speed, temperature, formulated the new energy automotive bearings of high speed, high and low temperature performance, durability, grease and other test specification, formed the new energy automobile bearing series test standard.
Guo changjian said: "we integrate the resources of the group, the establishment of new energy vehicle special bearing technology research group, after years of hard work, the successful development of new energy vehicle series of special bearings. Our successful experience is that enterprises must rely on their own strength, effective integration of resources, increase investment in development, master the new core manufacturing technology.
03, the gap in product quality and performance
In fact, the new energy vehicle high-speed drive motor bearing production precision requirements are also very high. SKF is the world leader in bearing technology and manufacturing industry. Yu zhizheng introduced: "new energy vehicles drive motor speed fast, bearing precision and quiet performance requirements. The precision, reliability and durability of the driving motor bearings of domestic new energy vehicles are not as good as those of SKF. Chen guangzu believes that the bearing industry in China has not done enough research on the performance of bearings, especially the special bearings for new energy vehicles. Compared with developed countries, the domestic high-end bearing material has a big gap.
Shen jian, general manager of Jiangsu Nanfang Bearing Co.,Ltd Domestic new energy vehicle special bearings durability, reliability and mute effect is not as developed countries. We mainly manufacture bearings for traditional automobile chassis system, and special bearings for new energy automobile are also indispensable. We are still doing market research on it.
Before 2012, humanist group successfully developed the motor bearing of hybrid bus drive; After that, the company has continuously strengthened its research and development, and successively successfully developed the motor bearings for new energy commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, and has a full series of bearings for new energy vehicles.
Guo changjian said: "drive motor bearings are key parts of new energy vehicles, the world only a few enterprises can mass production. Renben group has successfully developed a series of driving motor bearings, indicating that the domestic bearing industry has made breakthroughs in high-speed bearing design and lubrication technology for new energy vehicles, and has mastered its manufacturing technology.
High speed performance of bearings is a difficulty in the development of new energy automobile driving motor bearings. Products in the design and theoretical calculation to achieve high-speed performance indicators, but also through high-speed performance test, simulation bench test and road test, in order to be reliable and durable in high-speed conditions.
Therefore, product development involves a wide range of fields, span, long time, to consider the cost performance of products, to overcome the impact of international brands, in order to achieve industrialization.
Guo changjian said: "compared with similar bearings in developed countries, the domestic new energy vehicle drive motor bearings mainly in product quality stability and reliability there is a certain gap.
As for how to make up for the problem, he gave the following answer: using precision grinding technology, improve the machining precision, reduce the processing of discrete; The adoption of new materials, especially grease and retainer, can improve the lubrication conditions of bearings and improve their high-speed performance and durability. Improve steel purity and heat treatment quality; Using simulation and test technology, speed up the development of bearing reliability.
Niu hui, deputy secretary general of the China bearing industry association, told reporters: "30 to 40 percent of China's bearings are used in automobiles. Compared with fuel cars, pure electric cars use less bearings. With the promotion of electric vehicles, the bearing industry may occur mergers, production phenomenon.
The development of the new energy automobile market has brought new challenges and business opportunities to the bearing industry.